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Odal24 is an online freight exchange service for shippers, freight carriage companies, logistics providers, freight forwarders and all the others involved in logistics chain. It allows transport companies look for available freight to deliver, and freight forwarders/logistics providers/shippers to offer freight to be delivered.


Odal24 enables its users to create personal/company profile for free. Only registered users can receive transport or freight offers/requests by email, use filters for incoming and outgoing requests. For incoming requests you can choose the directions in which you are interested to receive offers/requests to your email. For outgoing requests you can select who can see your offers/requests and who couldn’t.


Sending a requests is FREE and easy for registered and non-registered users.


With our web-based transport directory you have access to giant amount of active transport and logistics providers as well as shipper companies from all over the World.


Whether it is a freight forwarder, transport company, courier service or manufacturing and trade company – our premium contacts have all been verified. It contains detailed company profiles including all basic information, such as transportation types, storage facilities etc.


As a freight forwarder or transportation company you represent your company and can be found by new business partners or clients.


As a shipper company from manufacturing and trade industry you get an exact information on the transport and logistics field all over the World and quickly increase your supplier pool.


After the user registers an account with Odal24, each minute spent logged in and each sent request turns into one ODL, a unique and indestructible unit of digital currency. The total number of ODLs gained by user is accumulated into users individual account balance. All ODLs stored in the account of a specific user, both created by this user and received from other users, are considered users property and can’t be retrieved at will—neither by the system nor other users. Every ODL owner has the right to use their ODLs at their own discretion (like share ODLs with other Odal24 users, buy Ads on Odal24 platform, etc.)


Odal24 brings shippers and carriers together.

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